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Staff may refer to:


  • Staff, a weapon used in stick-fighting
  • Staff of office, a pole that indicates a position
  • Staff (railway signalling), a token authorizing a locomotive driver to use a particular stretch of single track
  • Level staff, also called levelling rod, a graduated rod for comparing heights
  • Fire staff, a staff of wood or metal and Kevlar, used for fire dancing and performance
  • Flagstaff, on which a flag is flown
  • Scout staff, a tall pole traditionally used by Boy Scouts, which has a number of uses in an emergency
  • Pilgrim's staff, a walking stick used by pilgrims during their pilgrimages



  • Staff (name), a list of people with either the surname or nickname

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  • Celastrus, a shrub genus commonly known as the staff vine or staff tree
  • Staphylococcus, often shortened to "staph", bacteria which can cause infection