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NOTE: In line with a discussion at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Countering systemic bias, the CSB collaboration of the week has been discontinued. CSB will instead focus on the Open Tasks page, which better reflects the diversity of interests among CSB members. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the CSB CotW over the past several months!

Each week a CSB Collaboration of the Week will be picked using this page. This is a specific topic which either has no article or a basic stub page that is directly related to Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias, the aim being to have a featured-standard article by the end of the week, from widespread cooperative editing.

The project aims to fill gaps in Wikipedia, to give users a focus and to give us all something to be proud of. You can find a list of potential CSB articles on the Open Tasks list. Anyone can nominate an article and can vote for the nominated articles.

Every Sunday, the votes are tallied, and the winner will be promoted for a week to potential contributors.

Previous winners that have gone on to become featured articles can be found at /Features.
All previous winners can be found at /History.
Removed nominations can be found at /Removed.

Selecting the next Collaboration of the Week[edit]

The next winner will be selected on Monday, 16 March 18:00 (UTC).


Please vote for as many of the following candidates as you like. Please add only support votes. Opposing votes will not affect the result, as the winner is simply the one with the most support votes (see Approval voting).

Only registered users should vote. Any Wikipedian can vote on this page.

To enter your votes, simply edit the appropriate sections by just inserting a new line with "# ~~~~". This will add your username and a time stamp in a new numbered list item.


In case of a tie, voting will be extended for 24 hours. If there is still a tie, the candidate that was nominated first wins.


New nominations can be made at any time and should be added at the end of this page. Please use the template.

If the page you are nominating already exists, please add {{CSB COTW candidate|Thispage=Article name}} to the top of its talk page. This expands to:

This article has been nominated as a possible CSB Collaboration of the Week. To add your support, go to its listing.

If the article is selected as the CSBCOTW, the template {{Current CSB COTW}} should go at the top of the article page. This expands to: Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias/Collaboration of the Week/Template Current CSB COTW

Considerations for nominations[edit]


Nominations will be moved to /Removed if it has not received any votes in the first week (7 days) of being nominated (excluding the person who nominated it). If a nomination has received less than 4 votes in the first two weeks of nomination, or receives no new votes for any 14 day period, it shall be likewise pruned. Feel free to perform pruning that meets the above criteria.

Candidates for next week[edit]

Andean states[edit]


  1. Dmcdevit 04:52, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  2. BanyanTree 05:51, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  3. Pharos 05:56, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  4. TK-P 02:44, 9 Mar 2005 (UTC)


  • I don't know what you think about this, but for such a rich region of the world historically, culturally, and politically, it seems it is ignored because it's not European or first-world. For a comparable region, see the extensive Balkans article.--Dmcdevit 04:52, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • This may be the first thing from Latin America that I've seen here. Is there a systemic bias against Latin America in WP:CSB? ;) BanyanTree 05:51, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)

African American literature[edit]


  1. Leyanese 02:23, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  2. 500LL 17:03, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  3. TK-P 02:44, 9 Mar 2005 (UTC)


  • Can't believe that this doesn't even exist yet. I know a lot about this subject and could give it a go. Leyanese 02:23, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)