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According to the preface of Maximum RPM[1] by Ed Bailey of Red Hat, the authoritative source on RPM: RPM == Red Hat Package Manager, not RPM Package Manager. It's not intended as a recursive acronym like GNU, as far as I can tell. -- Lexor 00:22, 5 Aug 2003 (UTC)

"The RPM Package Manager (RPM) is a powerful command line driven package management system [..]" -- www.rpm.org homepage - RPM Package Manager. Nowadays rpm.org also hosts Maximum RPM, which is terribly outdated. It has many other things out of date too, such as talking about rpm where it should be rpmbuild. Maximum RPM was made 2000. As RPM is now part of Linux Standards Base, it is no suprise that a name of a single company is replaced from its name. --Tero 2003-08-06t1357 EET