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Ned or NED may refer to:



In arts and entertainment[edit]

For a full list of fictional characters named Ned, see Ned (given name)#Fictional characters.

In science, technology and medicine[edit]

  • Named entity disambiguation, the task of determining the identity of entities mentioned in text
  • Nano-emissive display, a type of flat panel display
  • NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database, a database of information on astronomical objects outside the Milky Way galaxy
  • National Elevation Dataset, topographic data
  • NED, National edeposit, an Australian online depository for legal deposit of electronic documents
  • NED, acronym for "No evidence of disease", a term used by oncologists to describe the condition of a person with cancer who has been successfully treated and is in complete remission
  • North east down axial system
  • NED, acronym for "Nasal EPAP Dilator," a term used for a nasal device that combines nasal dilation with nasal EPAP (Expiratory Positive Air Pressure) to treat snoring and sleep disordered breathing

In business[edit]

Other uses[edit]