The Bullshitters: Roll Out the Gunbarrel

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The Bullshitters: Roll Out the Gunbarrel
Written byKeith Allen
Peter Richardson
Directed byStephen Frears
StarringKeith Allen
Peter Richardson
Robbie Coltrane
ProducersElaine Taylor
Executive Producer:
Michael White
Running time40 minutes
Original release
  • 3 November 1984 (1984-11-03)

The Bullshitters: Roll Out the Gunbarrel is a 1984 medium-length TV film directed by Stephen Frears.[1] A spoof of the TV series The Professionals,[2] it was first broadcast in 1984 on Channel 4.

Although it was made by many people behind The Comic Strip,[3] the film did not feature the Comic Strip title sequence, and is not considered by some to be part of the series. However, it was included in The Comic Strip DVD box set (2005),[4] and its lead characters, Bonehead and Foyle reappeared in a later short Comic Strip film, Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown. It was also represented as an episode of the show on 30 Years of The Comic Strip.


Commander Jackson, head of DI5, hears that his daughter Janie has been kidnapped and held for ransom. He calls in ex-agents Bonehead and Foyle (Peter Richardson) to save her. Since being kicked out of DI5, Bonehead works at a TV Tough Guys School, teaching others the "rules" of being a "TV tough guy", and Foyle is now an actor on stage. Jackson blackmails the two into working together.



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