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When will HJ learn to type? HJ, in ALL EUROPEAN LANGUAGES people put a SPACE between punctuation and the following word. We put NO SPACE between preceding words and punctuation (with the exception of dashes, sometimes). Please note the space between Bruno and its comma, and between fiercest and its comma. Please not the failure to space between 'river.The'. You do this all the time. I dislike such carelessness.

Therefore Bruno , who had set out from Mainz went to Hungary instead. There he went to the places that Saint Adalbert of Prague had attended. Bruno tried to convert the leader of Black Hungary named Axum, but he encountered large opposition, also from the Greek monks there. Success was not possible and Bruno then went to Kiev. Grand Duke Vladimir gave him territories extending to the Petchenegs at the Black Sea between the Danube and the Don river.The Petchenegs were considered the fiercest , most cruel of all the heathen tribes. Bruno spent five months and baptized many. He aided in bringing about a peace treaty between them and the Kiev ruler.He consecrated a bishop there and then went to Poland.

On a historical point, the color-meaning of proper names is irrelevant in encyclopedias unless there is CLEAR EVIDENCE that the color name is based on the individual's personal characteristics (hair color, etc.). Big hint - it usually isn't relevant. Leave it out. Oh, well, who am I kidding? I'm talking to the computer screen here. MichaelTinkler

She can't even get it right when she's plagiarising it from the Catholic Encyclopedia. User:David Parker
"Black Hungary" is exactly why I stopped after two paragraphs to read for a while! Argh! MichaelTinkler
It's typical - no attempt to learn anything about the things she claims to be writing about - just pass it off as your own work (when it's nothing of the sort, but an almost verbatim lift) regardless of whether the content has any meaning. Drivel. User:David Parker

I hate to ask, but doesn't one of her other articles say that Bruno is the son of one of the Ottos? JHK

1. "Bruno met Adalbert of Prague, who was martyred a year later." - the two NEVER met! 2. "Bruno spent much time at the monastery where Adalbert had become a monk and where abbot John Canaparius wrote a life of Saint Adalbert ." - not too much IF AT ALL 3. "Bruno entered a monastery near Ravenna, founded by Otto, and underwent severe ascetic training under the guidance of St. Romuald." - the hermitage at Pereum was not a monastery yet and was certainly not founded by Otto. 4. "Bruno tried to convert the leader of "Black Hungary" named Achtum or Axum, but he encountered strong opposition, including that of the Greek monks there." - WTF?! Black Hungarians (Nigri Ungri). Achtum, Axum - no comments. But opposition from Greek monks?! Imagination or stupidity? 5. "In Poland he consecrated a bishop from Sweden" - not from but FOR Sweden or rather for the people called Suigi 6. "In 1008 Bruno wrote a letter to Henry I, Holy Roman Emperor. exhorting him to show clemency towards Boleslaus I." - the letter was written to Henry the SECOND. I am not even starting to comment on "exhortation to clemency" TO SUM UP: lotsa bullshit

Ahtum or Black Magyars[edit]

Bruno of Qurfurt in his work (Vita quinque fratrum eremitarum; Vita vel passio Benedicti et Iohannis socorumque suorom) does not mention Ahtum, but he relates his missionary work among the Black Magyars. Therefore I suggest the following wording: "Bruno tried to convert the Black Magyars, but they insisted on their faith." instead of "Bruno tried to convert Ahtum, Duke of Banat, who was an Orthodox. Bruno encountered strong opposition, including that of the Greek monks there." (Borsoka (talk) 20:13, 1 January 2008 (UTC))Reply[reply]

Search request[edit]

I know him as St Boniface of Querfurt, and an alternative name given here is Boniface, but when you search for Boniface, he doesn't show up. Can someone knowledgeable about such things fix it so he can be searched as Boniface? (I'm not asking for the page to be re-named, merely the ability to search for the name I recognize, and we acknowledge on the page.) Thanks (talk) 11:41, 7 October 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Feast Day[edit]

Why is his feast day in October? In many cases, it's tied to death dates, but that isn't the case here. (talk) 14:18, 5 June 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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